Viswa the multi-faceted artiste is a blend of lyrical, vocal and musical skills with an added flavour of his creative abilities. He is usually called “Master of all trades”. He is not a regular “run-of-the-mill” artiste but surely is an entertaining one.

The tale started when he was 6 yrs old. One day he was singing in a Durga pandal he was heard by thespian maestro Nemalikanti Radha Krishna Murthy and was picked for a play called “Mugimpu leni Katha- written by Rallapalli (a veteran actor/author). Viswa won his first award at the age of 6, from Andhra Naataka Parishad (which was one of the most prestigious awards by the AP state Govt.before Nandi Award was introduced) as “The Best Child Actor”. As he grew up he emerged as a theatre artist and performed many plays at different places till the age of 14. Theatre has created immense interest and love in him for literature and music. Music and Literature took front seat in his career interests and priorities.

Viswa had his academic stint at Andhra University where he studied Mechanical engineering degree. Soon after the completion of his degree he set out on a journey to explore his musical skills. Through a friend and musician Siva Ram he met Mani Sharma. Mani Sharma gave Viswa tremendous encouragement and a pathway into Telugu films. He was the first one to identify Viswa’s innate lyrical, singing and musical abilities. He offered Viswa the first opportunity in one of his films named “Priyadarshini to write as well as sing a solo song. Later, Viswa released his first music album “Masti” which was written, sung and composed by Viswa.
R P Patnaik then offered a song in his film “Santosham” which was a Nagarjuna, Prabhu Deva starrer. Viswa wrote and sang a dance number “Mehbooba Mehabooba” which has earned him his first recognition and hit. Offers started coming in and Viswa got recognised as a lyricist who can write catchy expressions and euphemisms. He wrote for films like Adrushtam, Sivamani, Satyam and many more after that.

A few movies later, Veteran writer and director Trivikram Srinivas who is a good friend and also studied with him in the same University offered him the title song in his upcoming film Athadu, which was written and sung by Viswa. The song went on to become an overwhelming hit and not only that it also became the biggest milestone in Viswa’s career.  The song’s success was followed by the opportunities for title songs for films like Munna, Aarya, Asthram, Dookudu, Nippu, Teen Maar, and became huge hits. Chamka Chamka became a big hit for Ram Charan Tej. Viswa’s songs became distinctive in every album. His style of writing and singing is unique in its own way.

Dhaga Dhaga merise from the movie Lakshmi, You rock my world from Arya, Narthanatara from Ek Niranjan, Dole Dole from Pokiri, Disturb Cheyyaku fro athidhi, Gicchi Gicchi and Chandra Mukhi from Super, Ye oore from Badra, Va Va Varevaa from Bunny, Chal Chal re from Happy, Gundelni Pindedhi from Devdas, Yadalo Evo and Rock and Roll from Style are some of his prestigious hits which catapulted him into the league of star writers and singers. Dole Dole from Pokiri got acclaimed for its aesthetic appeal and captivating lyrics. Even in fims like Takita Takita, Mangala, Manasu Maata Vinadu etc. Viswa’s songs added a great flavour to the film’s music and well received.

Viswa turned into a composer and Music Director through the film Hyderabad Nawabs. Soon he proved his proficiency through films like Police Police, Mangala  and Nenu Naa Rakshasi. The song Padithinammo which was composed, written and sung by Viswa became a catchy number in the youth.

The title song of Dookudu, Nee dookudu, which was penned by Viswa has won the Big FM best lyrics award for the year 2011. In the same year Chiguru Boniya from the movie Teen maar, which was sung and written by Viswa also became a chartbuster hit.

As a dubbing artist Viswa has lent his voice to many star warts like Jackie Shroff in Shakti, Kaatraj in Chatrapathi, Prabhu in Bejawada, Abhimanyu Singh in Rakhta Charithra, Rahul Dev in Simhadri, Pasupathi in Nenunnanu, Opening Voice over in Damarukam and many more. His baritone voice has elevated the characters of villains in many films.